The One Thing You Need to Change Your Weekend Outfit

The One Thing You Need to Change Your Weekend Outfit

This post and outfit is brought to you by our friends at Lovita & Co.

Sundays for Brian and me mean long walks through Central Park, frozen yogurt, pizza, my favorite outfit and lots of laughs. We both work downtown, so on the weekends we stay local and avoid all touristy areas. The hustle and bustle of downtown can be draining and a break from that is much-needed on the weekends. Plus, I love our neighborhood and all it has to offer. From the restaurants to the culture, to the museums and some amazing spots to chill, there’s so much to do on the weekends. I’m not trying to sell you living in East Harlem, but if I continue you might actually want to move here.

Weekend Outfit

After a long busy season at work, this past weekend was exactly what I needed. The temperature reached 65 degrees, so I threw on my jeans, tee, sneakers, jean jacket and a beautiful statement necklace from Lovita & Co. I like to keep it causal on the weekends, but I never want to lose my sense of style. My jewelry allows me to elevate any outfit and I get to add my own unique touch. Ever since I was kid, I never leave the house without a piece of jewelry. When I was younger, I remember I wore an arm full of bracelets everyday. You would have thought I put on every piece of jewelry I owned. I’ve become more tamed and I stick to (or try to) under five pieces of jewelry at a time.

Weekend Outfit

“This day was everything I needed in my life right now.”

So, I had my cute outfit on and our first stop was our favorite local frozen yogurt spot on the upper east side. This place opened 3 years ago and it’s amazing, right off of the 96th st. Q station. It has some of the best flavors and we love to support local businesses. However, I was a little sad because they no longer had their cheesecake-flavored yogurt, so I settled for extra toppings. We took our yogurt for a stroll along the east river to people watch. As we started to head home, we both knew we were too tired to cook dinner, which meant a stop at our local pizza shop. If you haven’t had New York pizza, you are missing out. It’s probably one of the reasons why I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

Weekend Outfit

This day was everything I needed in my life right now. Spending time in my neighborhood at my favorite places with my favorite person. “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” This proverb is my life. Although I felt exhausted, I couldn’t let my week start like this and I couldn’t let a good outfit go to waste.

Weekend Outfit

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  • Holly
    April 16, 2017 at 1:44 PM

    Love the outfit and love you shop local so important to business people in your area because they will give back to community

    • Fatima
      April 24, 2017 at 8:25 PM

      Thanks Holly! We love supporting local businesses, its important!

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