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January is National Hot Tea Month

January is National Hot Tea Month

You learn a lot about someone when you start living with them and you either love or hate those things. Then you get married and you just learn to love the things you used to hate. I knew I…

Champagne Margarita Jello Shots

Champagne Margarita Jello Shots

Au Revoir 2016! As much as this year turned out to be a suckfest for the world, 2016 was pretty good to us: we traveled to London, moved into our new apartment, welcomed two nephews, celebrated 2 years of marriage, the…

Toys for Tots

26th Annual Toys for Tots Collection Party Recap

Last night, was my family’s annual Toys for Tots collection party! Our community collected 5,579 toys for kids in New Haven County! We were joined by the New Haven Marines. For those of you not familiar with Toys for Tots, the…

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

I love peanut butter. There are a few flavors I could live without, and peanut butter is one of them. If I ever develop a peanut allergy, I think my world would collapse. These peanut butter chocolate chip cookies…

Vegetable Dumplings

Homemade Vegetable Dumplings

The first time Brian and I made dumplings was with my friend, Christine. She came over to our apartment and made these delicious shrimp and ground meat dumplings for us. We reimagined this recipe and made vegetable dumplings! When Brian and I are…

Cookie Butter Cookies

Cookie Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nutella is to Fatima as cookie butter is to me. I was introduced to cookie a few years ago when my coworker gave me a jar of it around the holidays. Fantastically delicious was the only phrase I could think…

Steak Bites

Steak Bites: Cooking Through Cravings

I cannot believe it’s already December! Where did this year go? Now that the holidays are here, we all need to find some amazing recipes for our guests. I highly recommend these delicious steak bites! A little something you may not…

London Map Ornament

DIY London Map Ornament

Fatima and I started a tradition of making these DIY map ornaments from the places we visited. Since starting this project, we’ve grown quite a collection! Our latest ornament takes us across the pond. Here’s the story behind our London…

Harvey Wrapped in Christmas Lights

Elf on the Shelf: Tangled Up in Christmas Lights

While were setting up our apartment with decorations for Christmas, Harvey said wanted to help. We instructed him to go get the Christmas lights. After about 10 minutes, we turn around to find this. He was trying to untangle the…

Toys for Tots

Toys for Tots and Giving Back

For over 25 years my best friend Jim and I have hosted an annual Toys for Tots party for the US Marine Corps in Wallingford, CT. In the past several years, we have averaged over 5000 toys per collection. Jim…

DIY Elf Ornaments

DIY Elf Ornaments

Last Christmas, Fatima and I made these adorable Elf Ornaments for everyone in my family. We wanted to give them a handmade gift that they could display on their Christmas trees. The significance of giving the same ornament was…

DIY Finals Care Package

DIY Finals Care Package

In the next few weeks, many college students will begin to prep for finals. Back in undergrad, I loved opening my mailbox to find a package slip. It would turn out to be a finals care package from my parents…

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