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Key West Vacation Food Edition Pt. 2

Kilwins Chocolate Covered Strawberry

US Route 1 extends 2,369 miles from Fort Kent, Maine (my Nana is from there) to Key West, Florida.  On our bike ride, discussed in the last post, we biked along the end of route 1.  Photo credit – my dad.  You’ll see my sister and me on bikes…


Cuban Coffee, Cafe Leche: Wake me up!  Our first cup of cuban coffee – or mostly espresso.  It was delicious!  No, we did not go Kardashian Krazy, but we ended up having some every morning with breakfast.

Cuban Coffee Cafe Leche

Jack Flats – Turkey wrap with the most AMAZING side of sweet potato fries.  Fatima had a delicious taco salad – apologies for the pictures, lighting was very dim.

Jack Flats Sweet Potato Fries

Jack Flats Taco Salad

We must talk chocolate.  We went into a heavenly scented chocolate shop, Kilwins, right on Duval Street.  A peanut butter cup, chocolate covered pretzel, chocolate covered strawberry, chocolate covered Oreo, and a peanut turtle later – we were in heaven…

Kilwins Chocolate Covered Strawberry

After spending the rest of the day at the beach…

Lilies and Loafers

We all went to a delicious brick oven pizza restaurant for dinner.  By the time I remembered to get a photo, all of the pizza was devoured.  It was delicious.  But I did manage to get a picture of the appetizer, pineapple wrapped in ham…

Photo May 07, 7 51 56 PM

And ended the night with a delicious slice of Key Lime pie.

Key West Key Lime Pie

Did I mention we went snorkeling?  Here’s my sister and me…


There were these giant Tarpon.  My mom and I were swimming out over the reef, and these giant fish go by.  At first, I’m thinking, wow those are big fish.  And then it hit me, SHARKS!  But then in that 10 seconds of panicking, I realized they were giant fish – still ewww – but they weren’t sharks.  However, my mom and I quickly swam away.  Tell me if you can see them, my camera failed at getting a good shot…


I swear, this little cutie kept following me, it was so playful…


And that’s the barracuda…


The reef was gorgeous.  So many cool fish swimming around.  After about an hour, we then kayaked over to a sandbar where my sister spotted a conch…


And I found a starfish…

Key West Starfish

And if we didn’t have enough of seafood that day, we went to a fish place on the docks for some…seafood.  Although we all ended up ordering burgers, our appetizers were heavy in seafood – like the crab cakes…

And the coconut shrimp…


But I did manage to get a picture of the uneaten lobster bisque…

Lobster Bisque

Fatima and I went around the island on a nature tour.  We visited gardens and nature preserves where we saw this little guy…


But we couldn’t have done it without a cup of Cafe Leche and a delicious breakfast consisting of french toast and a lobster omelette…

Cuban Coffee

Cuban Coffee

Lobster Omelette

Cuban French Toast

And more beautiful seascapes…


Later that night, we went for a gorgeous sunset sail aboard the Western Union, a ship that used to lay down cables in the ocean.  Before boarding, we made sure to grab a drink.


Amidst the gorgeous sunset, we helped raise the sails with conch chowder and endless glasses of wine in our tummies…

Key West Sunset

Brian Marquis

Lilies and Loafers

Key West Sunset Sail

Key West Sunset Sail

Key West Sunset Sail

Key West Sunset

We couldn’t have asked for a better vacation – great weather, good times, and delicious food.  If you’re looking for a great vacation head to Key West – you won’t regret it.

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