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John Legend’s Chili Recipe: Cooking Through Cravings

John's Chili Recipe

The next stop in our journey through Cravings, is John Legend’s chili recipe. His recipe is used with the Frito Pie Bar. We didn’t go all out with the Frito Bar, but we used a few of the toppings (cheesy guacamole, we have our eyes set on you!). If you haven’t been inspired by our other ventures into Cravings, then I hope we can sway you with this chili recipe. And all you’d need to do is (affiliate link) buy Chrissy’s cookbook and start cooking!

John's Chili Recipe

The best time of year to make chili is now! Like most of the country, it’s been so cold over the last few days. We loved coming home to a warm meal. Our secret weapon in the kitchen is our crock pot. Just throw everything in before work, set it, and come home to a slow cooked meal. Perfection. With Super Bowl coming up, John’s chili and Frito Pie Bar will be an excellent addition to the game-day spread.

John's Chili Recipe

One of my favorite bowls of chili is from Patrick’s Pub in New Hampshire. Not only is it covered with a think layer of baked cheese, but there’s a savory sweetness to that chili. I love it and have always wondered what they did to get that flavor. This recipe comes really close. We made John’s chili recipe twice. The first time was with our crock pot. The second time we made it right over the stove (per the directions). Both were equally delicious.

What we learned:

  • Use less water when cooking in the crock pot since it might be too watery. We cut the water in half.
  • The Teigen-Legends have a high salt tolerance. We used 1 tbsp of Lawry’s the second time around because it was slightly too salty the first time we made it.
    • Especially if you add Frito toppings.
  • This chili recipe is hot, hot, hot. Be mindful of how many jalapeño slices you add to your chili.

Do you have Cravings, what’s your favorite recipe?

John's Chili Recipe

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