Halloween Around the House

Bloody Shower Curtain

Details, details, details. One thing that guests love to talk about are the details. From the little witch hats on the cupcakes, to the broom stick stirrer in their drinks, guests notice the details. These decorations for setting up Halloween around the house, will fill up space + they are easy DIY projects.


Yes, that is my wife. We took panoramic shot of her, put it in Photoshop for some effects, printed it on 8.5×11, rolled it up and placed in a jar. We filled the jar up with water and boom. Head in a jar! I think next time, we’ll laminate her face because the water began to wash away the ink…

Head in a Jar


The bathroom is one of the last places we decorate. We’ll add pumpkin soap or candles and call it a day. This year, we bloodied up a shower curtain with say paint. On the first take, I used tempura paint. Bad idea, my friends. The paint dried and fell right off. Spraying red spray paint at close range will make it look bloody. The best thing about spray paint is that it dries super fast.

Bloody Shower Curtain

Bloody Shower Curtain


We saved these bats from last year’s party. Hopefully, we can get a few more parties out of them before we have to make more. I love these because they take up space and are a fun visual for around the house.

Paper Bats

Paper Bats

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