Garden Thyme: Eggplant


For the past two years I’ve had an abundance of eggplant! They grow the best in sunny, well drained areas but also need lots of water. I bought 6 young plants this year and planted them about two feet apart. I can’t believe it’s August now and I already picked 10!


To make sure the plant is ready to pick, the skin should look glossy and when you slice it open, you can clearly see the seeds. If you cannot see the seeds when you cut the fruit open, (yes, eggplant is considered a fruit), it’s not ready.


Always start planting your eggplant in the early summer, especially if you’re growing them from a seed (to start and complete the young growing process). When they are ready, find different ways for cooking them! I like to grill them with salt and pepper and olive oil. You can also fry them for eggplant Parmesan or as an appetizer. Be creative with your eggplant because if you grow them right, you’ll have so many on your hands!


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