DIY Sun Jar

An oldie, but a goodie.  Light up your nightly entertainment space with some sun jars…

DIY Sun Jar

The picture above is my homemade sun jar!  It is awesome!  Saw the idea on a few years ago.  STEP 1: Shopping!  You’re going to need:

1.) A jar: The best kinds are found at Ikea, ‘slom jars’.

IKEA Slom Jar

1.2) Or if you find vintage jars in antique stores like I did, they work the same.  TIP: Buy the jar first, before you buy the solar light, you’ll want to size up the jar and the light together.

mason jar

2.) Solar Light: I favor the amber colored lights (limited findings, try Lowes) – The solar cell on lights come in different sizes.  Look for one that can fit the top of the jar.

Lowes sunlight

3.) Frosting Spray Paint (Valspar leaves a nice coat)

4.) Tools: Screw driver (Phillips and flat head), scissors or something better to cut through plastic.

STEP 2: Frost it.  Two coats gives the jar a solid look, and diffuses the light really great.  I frosted the inside so the outside stays smooth.

slom jar

mason jars

STEP 3: Take apart the solar light…This may be a little tedious, but basically, you want to take out the battery unit, circuit board w/LED attached, and the solar cell on top.


In the end, it should look like this…

It turned out I had to cut apart the plastic unit the light came on, and sneak everything through the little opening on the top of the light.

STEP 5: Glue the solar cell to the bottom of the lid on the jar.

DIY Sun Jar

Ta Da!  You’ve made a homemade sun jar for under $10!  Close the jar and leave out in the sun all day to let the battery charge.  Then at night, watch it light up!

mason jar sun jar

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