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DIY Pumpkin Wreath

DIY Wreath

When it comes to fall and Halloween, my two favorite things to decorate with are ghosts and pumpkins. As a kid I would make little tissue ghosts. They’d be everywhere. I think I made millions of them throughout my entire childhood. Now, Fatima limits my ghost decor to one…

DIY Wreath

Pumpkins, on the the other hand, are sprinkled throughout our apartment. This year, we wanted to get a wreath for fall. Growing up in New England, our house would be decked out for fall and Halloween. Carved pumpkins piled on the front steps, ghosts hanging in the trees, and cob webs scattered throughout the garden. Now, living in New York City, the fall decor remains on the inside, including the wreath – I just don’t trust it hanging in the hallway.

DIY Wreath

We tried looking for wreaths at craft stores like Michaels and even at Home Depot where we got our Christmas wreath. They were uninspiring, not quite what we were looking for, and expensive. So, we decided to make our own pumpkin wreath.

DIY Pumpkin WreathLuckily, Michaels had just sent us some nice coupons so we headed over to grab moss and a grapevine wreath. Their small craft pumpkins were not the greatest this year, but a quick stop to factory craft solved that problem. And Voila! We were able to make our wreath for just under $30!

DIY Wreath

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    October 25, 2015 at 10:06 AM

    Great idea I love it

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