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How To Start a Blog in 15 Minutes

Start a Blog

Note: this blog post contains affiliate links which means we may receive a small commission (no extra costs to you) for purchasing anything through the links below. We’ll never post a link or recommend a service we don’t use ourselves. So you want to start a blog. That’s great! What took you so long? Some people look at blogging and think, “I don’t have the time,” or “I don’t have the content to sustain a blog.” While the ins and outs of a self hosted…

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Grammy Pat's Pistachio cake

Grammy Pat’s Pistachio Cake

When I think about this pistachio cake, I immediately flashback to my childhood. My mom would make this cake for various family parties and for ‘just because’. This cake is delicious and so (heads up, I’m sorry) moist. What…

Snowstorm Cover

Snowstorm Survival Guide

Get your grocery list at the ready. We’ve got a survival guide to get you through this snowstorm. One of the biggest Nor’easters of the season heading our way. Chances are, you’re gonna get hit. The best way to combat any snowstorm is by consuming…

Everything Chicken Sandwich Melts

Everything Chicken Sandwich Melts: Cooking Through Cravings

Whoa. These chicken sandwich melts were delicious. We also made these at a perfect time of the year. Definitely a cold weather option. It’s Comfort food 💯! At this point in our Cooking Through Cravings journey, you know we love Chrissy’s Cravings…

5 DIY Projects

5 DIY Projects to Share Your Travel Adventures

Here are 5 DIY Projects to share you travel adventures. Where will your travel plans take you in 2017? Last year, we ended up in London. It was mostly Fatima on business with me tagging along. But in the 36…

Tammy's Homemade Sweet Italian Sausage Red Sauce

Tammy’s Homemade Sweet Italian Sausage Red Sauce

Growing up, I looked forward to my mom’s homemade sweet Italian sausage red sauce on pasta night. Sunday afternoon, my mom would start the sauce, it would cook for the rest of day and be ready just in time…

Beef and Mushroom Meatballs

Beef and Mushroom Meatballs

Mushrooms?! If I went back in time and told my younger self that I would be eating onions and mushrooms later in life, my younger self would laugh in my face. These beef and mushroom meatballs were a happy…

Fudgy Brownie Heart Cupcakes for Two

Fudgy Brownie Heart Cupcakes for Two

When your sweet tooth acts up, sometimes you just want to make a few cupcakes instead of a whole box. Or when you’re in a pickle because you forgot a birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day, you could whip up a quick…

DIY Valentine's Day Card Craft for Kids

Valentine’s Day DIY Card Craft for Kids

My mom kept everything we made for her. It could have been the ugliest school craft, but she kept it. She didn’t have to, but she cherished our handmade crafts. Now, I see how special a handmade craft from your…

Cooking Through Cravings

Cooking Through Cravings

We can always count on our Food Network magazine subscription, the semi-random cookbooks we’ve inherited, Pinterest and our family for great recipes. However, it’s rare that we’ll go back to the magazine/book and continue to cook from it because most of…

Cheesy Baked Spinach Dip

Cheesy Baked Spinach Dip

This cheesy baked spinach dip is going to the show stopper at your next party. One bite and your guests will end up devouring the rest. Affiliate link: Do you love our goldware? You can find these gold stainless…

John's Chili Recipe

John Legend’s Chili Recipe: Cooking Through Cravings

The next stop in our journey through Cravings, is John Legend’s chili recipe. His recipe is used with the Frito Pie Bar. We didn’t go all out with the Frito Bar, but we used a few of the toppings (cheesy guacamole,…