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DIY Harry Potter Themed Costumes

We went a little overboard with the Polyjuice potion at our Harry Potter inspired Halloween Party. With so many Potterheads in attendance, this was our most engaging party yet! Our guests went all out with their Harry Potter themed costumes and we loved all of them! As you saw earlier this week, Fatima and I […]

21 DIY Harry Potter Party Ideas

Colleen, Fatima, and I are our family’s biggest Harry Potter fans. When the books launched in stores, my mom, Colleen, and I would wait outside for hours until midnight just so we could get a copy. Fatima said her family would just go the closest supermarket and they would have dozens of books. They would […]

DIY Harry Potter Costumes

Over the last two years, we slayed Halloween with our #TGIT themed Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder costumes. Our couples costume originated when we dressed up as Peter Pan and Tiger Lily when we first started dating. Since then, we’ve tried to keep the ‘couples’ thing’ going. This year, we made DIY […]

Fried Fish Sandwiches

I just celebrated my 27th birthday, I know I’m getting old. To celebrate we made some delicious fried fish sandwiches. Usually around my birthday I start dropping hints to my friends and family on what gift I would like. One of those gifts was (affiliate link) Chrissy Teigen’s cookbook, Cravings. I woke up on the […]

Mediterranean Meatball Gyros

These Mediterranean meatball gyros were our first gyros, ever! Yes, you read that correctly. The very first gyro I had was one I made myself. However, these are meatball gyros made with beef. As my coworker pointed out, a gyro is the meat that’s cooked and used in this dish. The dictionary gives me, “is a Greek dish […]

Sweet Potato Pastries

Fall is our favorite season. Growing up in New England, I loved experiencing the changes in the leaves, the crunch they make when you step on them, and the cool, crisp air. My family’s annual Halloween Party this year is Harry Potter-themed. It has been so much fun to plan. I think it will be our […]

Champagne Margarita

Yesterday we celebrated our second wedding anniversary! And what better cocktail to celebrate with, than these Champagne Margaritas? Fatima and I met eight years ago when we were students at Hofstra University. The rest is history. And here we are celebrating a wedding anniversary! I can’t believe how fast these last two years have flown by […]

lilies and loafers

We're Brian and Fatima: husband and wife, baker and cook, mess-maker and cleaner-upper, photographer and model, MBA and CPA, travelers, runners, and homebodies. We love a good margarita, rainy days wrapped in sweats, picnics in Central Park, and sharing laughs with family and friends. Welcome to our lives in New York City.

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